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Global Government Forum’s  Partners have been selected for

their expertise in specialist areas of digital government,

supporting learning across sectoral and national boundaries


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Gold Knowledge Partners

At Maximus, we believe extraordinary missions call for extraordinary results. We are a top systems integrator serving the federal government, and a leading provider of transformative technology services, digitally enabled customer experiences and clinical health. We deliver mission-driven innovation at speed and scale by designing operational and technical solutions that serve people. We operate with agility and impact, delivering high-performance outcomes and exceptional experiences, always. From technology infrastructure to program operations, our end-to-end solutions help agencies better meet their mission and the growing expectations of the people they serve.

Nava is a public benefit corporation working to make government services simple, effective, and accessible to all. Nava emerged from the effort to help rebuild HealthCare.gov after its troubled launch, and exists to address some of the most complex challenges in the public sector. Under the highest degrees of constraint, Nava has shown we are a trustworthy partner. We minimize risk, steward our clients’ missions, and achieve outcomes that traditional approaches have never delivered before. We weave these accomplishments into a magnetic and compelling story of transformation, showing we are a force powerful enough to replace the prevailing industry pattern of acceptable and rationalized failure, with a new normal. A normal where the default expectation is that transforming services, programs, and agencies so they can always meet people’s needs is always achievable, always within reach.

Bronze Exhibitors

A mission-driven consulting company working alongside government organizations to help them deliver better services and experiences to the communities they serve.

RELI Group Inc., established in 2013, is a leading management consulting firm that specializes in supporting federal, state and local programs in health, safety and security sectors. Committed to understanding and advancing the unique missions of each client, we employ a human-centered design approach to develop solutions that profoundly impact and enhance American lives. Our methodology integrates cutting-edge technology with strategic planning and expert execution to address complex challenges, ensuring our solutions are tailored to meet specific needs and improve public welfare effectively. This collaborative, mission-focused process involves our diverse team of industry experts who are passionate about public service and making a tangible difference. For more information on how RELI Group can tailor human-centered solutions for your organization’s mission, visit www.RELIgroupinc.com.