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GovernmentDX is a unique conference that brings together global government digital leaders from around the world to share insight and intelligence on how the governments can use technology to drive innovation and deliver high-quality public services for customers.

April 18th, 2024
All times provided are local (Washington DC, EDT)

08:30 – 09:00


09:00 – 09:05


Location: Atrium Ballroom

09:05 – 09:30


Location: Atrium Ballroom

The Honorable Clare Martorana, Federal Chief Information Officer, Office for Management and Budget, United States of America

Jen Easterly, Director, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, United States of America

09:35 – 09:45



Location: Atrium Ballroom

Paul J. Donato
United States Government & Public Sector Consulting Leader

09:50 – 10:20

People-focused services: delivering a better constituent experience

Location: Atrium Ballroom

Digital transformation must focus on unlocking better services for people. Meet the bipartisan members of Congress who are working to improve digital government for the benefit of the American people.

In this session, Congressional leaders will discuss their modernization efforts to provide better services for their constituents – and we’ll also hear from international public service peers about innovative approaches legislators can take to make sure policies can be successfully implemented from a technical standpoint before they become law.

Panel discussion followed by audience Q&A

Confirmed speaker panel includes:

Travis Moore
Founder and Executive Director – Tech Congress, USA

Christina Lang
Chief Executive Officer, DigitalService, Germany

Betsy Hawkings
Former Fellow – House Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress

Greg Gershman
Co-Founder and CEO, Ad Hoc

Knowledge partner

10:20 – 10:40

Why Brand Matters for Building Trust in Government

Location: Atrium Ballroom

Paula Scher
Partner – Pentagram

10:40 – 11:10



11:10 – 12:00


Modern IT for a Modern Government: getting federal technology right

Location: Atrium Ballroom

Many US federal agencies are focused on how they can move faster to deliver digital-first services for the public. However, many government agencies – both in the United States and internationally – find that their transformation plans are hindered by slow and outdated technology, as well as a lack of funding.

This session will examine how technology leaders have done more with less – prioritizing technology investments to drive better government service delivery and outcomes for the public, using technology to lower administrative burden for the workforce, and applying for unique technology investment funds to drive innovation.

In this session, you’ll hear how teams from across the globe are adopting and accomplishing modern service delivery by better connecting technology across government services and focusing on creative solutions.


Darren Ash
Chief Information Officer, Department of Interior, United States

Laura Gerhardt

Scott Jones
President, Shared Services Canada

Larry Bafundo (invited)
Deputy Executive Director and Acting Executive Director, Technology Modernization Fund General Services Administration, United States

Wes Turbeville
Senior Vice President, Federal, ID.me

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Fireside chat: Finding truth: building government websites that create trust, make services accessible, and easy to find

Location: Atrium Hall

Increasingly, people seeking government services use the internet to find and manage them. However, it can be difficult for people to find government websites or even the right content on government websites.

In this session, experts will discuss how government leaders can create more streamlined, effective, and approachable online experiences. They’ll unpack the power of content strategy and accessibility best practices, the right digital tools, and human-centered design in ensuring that government websites meet the public’s unique needs.

Panel discussion followed by audience Q&A

Confirmed speaker panel includes:

Christine Bellamy
Director – GOV.UK, Government Digital Service, Cabinet Office, United Kingdom

Jeff Seaton
Chief Information Officer, NASA, United States of America

Jodi Leo
Chief Delivery Officer, Nava

Knowledge Partner



FIRESIDE CHAT: Accessing accessibility: going beyond 508 compliance in digital service delivery

Location: Atrium Hall

In private sector technology, it’s permissible to build and launch a product that does not take edge cases—or unlikely situations—into account. This is not so in government.

Government services must be accessible to all. This means that every member of the public should be able to easily find a government agency’s information and be able to access its services. But how can government leaders ensure that new technology tools meet constituents’ unique needs? In this session, experts in designing accessible government services will discuss how leaders can ensure equal access through tools like accessibility and usability testing and the U.S. Web Design System.

Confirmed speaker panel includes:

Judy Brewer
Assistant Director of Accessibility, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, United States

Andrew Nielson
Director of the Government-wide IT Accessibility Program, Office of Government-wide Policy, General Services Administration, United States of America

Jodi Leo
Chief Delivery Officer, Nava

Chair: Cassie Winters
Policy Analyst, Digital Accessibility Policy Lead, Office of Management and Budget, Executive Office of the President, United States of America

Knowledge Partner

12:10 – 13:00

Unlocking insight: how government can make the most of analytics and AI

Location: Atrium Ballroom

Many departments and agencies are working to use data to better inform the development of policies and the evaluation of public service delivery.

This session will bring together public servants to share insight on how government can use the data it collects to better deliver for people, and examine how governments can use artificial intelligence to optimize digital services and experiences.

Panel discussion followed by audience Q&A

Confirmed speaker panel includes:

Conrad Stosz
Director of Artificial Intelligence, Office of the Federal CIO. Office of Management and Budget, Executive Office of the President, United States of America

CHANG Sau Sheong
Deputy Chief Executive, Government Technology Agency, Singapore

Laura Gilbert
Chief Analyst, Director of Data Science, 10 Downing Street, United Kingdom

Amy Jones
EY US Public Sector AI Market lead

Valentina Ion
Public Finance Administration Global Lead at Microsoft

Matthew Graviss
Chief Data and Artificial Intelligence Officer, Office of Management and Strategy and Solutions, Department of State, United States

Knowledge Partners:

Enabling Delivery: Building and leveraging centralized services and teams

Location: Atrium Hall

For agencies to implement modern technology policy they must shift from a project management mindset to a product mindset. To be successful, however, they cannot start from scratch – they need the acceleration that only tech teams, playbooks, and shared services and standards can provide.

This session will highlight successful frameworks, such as centralized tech delivery teams who can surge capacity within agencies to fill gaps or provide specialized assistance, the use of digital services playbooks to enable agencies to drive innovation faster, and shared services and standards to enable agencies to work smarter, not harder.

You’ll also hear about cutting-edge resources available to agencies right now, as well as how building a centralized customer experience function within agencies is helping to change the conversation internally to one that’s focused on what’s best for the customer.

Panel discussion followed by audience Q&A

Confirmed speaker panel includes:

Brian Abrahamson
Associate Laboratory Director and Chief Digital Officer, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, United States of America

Mark Vermeer
Director, Digital Government, Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, the Netherlands

Dana Chisnell
Executive Director for Customer Experience, Department for Homeland Security, United States of America

Glorimar Ripoll Balet
Director of Product, US Digital Service, United States of America

Ann Lewis
Director, Technology Transformation Services, General Services Administration, United States of America

13:00 – 14:00



Introduction to Digital Public Infrastructure

Location: Atrium Hall

This lunchtime session will convey a general understanding of what DPI is (and is not), and the growing role it is playing in governments’ digitization journeys around the world.


Aaron Snow
former Presidential Innovation Fellow (PIF), founder and head of GSA’s 18F, and former CEO of the Canadian Digital Service

Dr Pramod Varma
Co-Chair at Center for DPI

Kamya Chandra
Chief Strategy Officer, Centre for Digital Public Infrastructure

14:00 – 14:50


Opening the digital door to government: the importance of partnerships and building trust to digitize government – one product and service at a time.

Location: Atrium Ballroom

Digitization of government is intended to make it easier for the public to access services online, complete common tasks, and return to their daily lives. The launch of each new digital product or service, creates opportunities to build key partnerships, review how government works and look for other efficiencies in how benefits, services, and information are delivered.

This session will share insight from those who have digitised services, seized opportunities, and overcome barriers to change.

Panel discussion followed by audience Q&A

Confirmed speaker panel includes:

Tom Read
Chief Executive Officer, Government Digital Service, United Kingdom

Vigdís Jóhansdóttir
Chief Marketing Officer for Digital Iceland, Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs, Iceland

Jonathan Finch
Director, Digital Experience, Office for Management and Budget, United States of America

Betsy Beaumon
Chief Transformation Officer, Social Security Administration

Raymond Holder
Vice President, Digital Growth, Maximus

Knowledge Partner

Powering up your people: developing and hiring the right skills and inspiring others to serve

Location: Atrium Hall

To deliver modern public services, departments and agencies need to recruit and develop the digital workforce they need to design and deliver a digital-first experience.

This session will hear from agency leaders in the US and further afield on how they can recruit, retain and inspire technologists to serve the public – and how departments and agencies can make sure that their federal employees have the digital skills and literacy required to work with modern technology.

Panel discussion followed by audience Q&A

Confirmed speaker panel includes:

Thomas Beautyman
Deputy Director, Government Digital Capability, Government Digital and Data, Cabinet Office, United Kingdom

Brenda Darden Wilkerson
Chief Executive Officer, AnitaB.org

Catherine Manfre
Chief Transformation Officer, Office of Personnel Management, United States

Seeyew Mo
Associate National Cyber Director for Workforce, Training and Education Office of the National Cyber Director, United States of America

Kirsten Tisdale
Managing Partner, EY Government and Public Sector

Chandler C. Morse
Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Workday

Chair: Jennifer Anastasoff
Executive Director, Tech Talent Project

Knowledge Partner:

14:50 – 15:10


15:10 – 16:00


Accelerating DX Across Government

Location: Atrium Ballroom

This session will bring together those who architected the framework for delivering a better US Government experience and those further ahead in delivering a better digital experience – from across the federal government and beyond.

This session will focus on the key elements needed for driving digital transformation forward. The panellists will share tips and insight on the best way for teams earlier on their DX journeys to move forward, create momentum, and achieve executive support.

Panel discussion followed by audience Q&A

Confirmed speaker panel includes:

Andy Lewandowski
Chief Digital Experience Officer, Department of the Interior, United States

Traci Walker
Executive Director – Digital Services Coalition, USA

Paul Wagner
Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Digital Service, Canada

Amira Boland
Federal Customer Experience Lead, Office of Management and Budget, United States of America

Lauren Alexanderson
Deputy Chief Technology Officer, Department of Veterans Affairs, United States of America

Tim Paydos
Vice President, Global Public Sector Mission Solutions, ServiceNow

Knowledge Partner:

Safety first: Building cyber security by design and default

Location: Atrium Hall

Cyber security is a priority across the federal government, and by making the right investments at the right time, agencies can take action to reduce their risk, retire legacy systems, maximize impact of taxpayer dollars, and get on a path to digital transformation.

This session will share insight on how agencies have improved their cyber security posture – and how they have used those changes to deliver broader improvements to their technology and service delivery.

Panel discussion followed by audience Q&A

Confirmed speaker panel includes:

Chris DeRusha
Federal Chief Information Security Officer, Office for Management Budget, United States of America

Ann Dunkin
Chief Information Officer, Department of Energy, United States of America

Martin Bowyer
Deputy Director, Securing Government Services, Central Digital and Data Office, United Kingdom

Tim Newton, Captain (ret) 
Industry Advisor Manager, Microsoft

Darren Hutton
Chief Digital Officer, Hippo

Knowledge Partner:

16:05 – 16:30

Fireside chat: Moving from policy to action in digital transformation

Location: Atrium Ballroom

The US government has developed its plan for digital transformation – but now it has to make it happen. This conversation between Mina Hsiang, the administrator of the United States Digital Service and Robin Carnahan, administrator of the US General Services Administration, will set out how US federal agencies can successfully implement change.

This conversation with senior federal government leaders will share examples from across the federal government on how services can be reshaped through an approach of continuous improvement, and a focus on improving services around major life events, as well as how common baselines and milestones for reform are being established across the federal government.

Confirmed speaker panel includes:

Mina Hsiang
Administrator, United States Digital Service, United States of America

Robin Carnahan
Administrator, General Services Administration, United States of America

16:30 – 16:45


Location: Atrium Ballroom

Gulsanna Mamediieva 
Adviser to the Vice Prime Minister for Innovations, Development of Education, Science & Technologies — Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine

16:45 – 17:10


Location: Atrium Ballroom

The Honorable Clare Martorana, Federal Chief Information Officer, Office for Management and Budget, United States of America

The Honorable Harry Coker, National Cyber Director, The White House, United States of America



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